Safety Goggle Indirect Vented

Features and Benefits

Angled vents to protect eyes from splashes and particles

Made of malleable rubber to absorb impacts

Venting system prevents glasses from fogging over


Safety goggles with indirect ventilation have a venting system that does not allow for direct contact of particles to the interior of the goggles. This is achieved by adding angled vents which face away from the front lens that the wearer looks through.
The vents on indirect vented goggles are normally adjustable so they can be turned to fit the user’s needs. Indirectly vented safety goggles are the ideal choice for dealing with chemicals where chance of splash is possible. Due to their reverse facing vents, it will be significantly harder for the material to reach the wearer’s eyes during use. One of the only cons of indirectly vented safety goggles is that due to the angle that air must flow through to reach the eyes, these goggles are not as well ventilated as direct vent safety goggles.

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