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Imbiber Beads

Features and Benefits

True absorption of hydrocarbon means the spill in truly contained

Color changing feature to indicate contamination

Convenient size and shape is perfect for small water spills

Reduces toxic/flammable vapors by up to 600x

Suitable for oils, gasoline, diesel, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and more


Imbiber Beads represent the next evolution in absorbent technology. Unlike polypropylene absorbents, these unique beds absorb and hold onto organic hydrocarbons for added piece of mind. They have a color changing feature that indicates the presence of hazardous materials in a system. With a wide variety of options, Imbiber beads are a versatile solution for any containment scenario.

1) Mini Boom Imbiber packets effectively capture a wide range of organic liquids for applications such as drip pans, leaking equipment, spill pallet sumps, and smaller spills in water.

2) These pillows are sized for intermediate spills, and like all imbiber products, reduce toxic vapor levels by up to 600 times. Their convenient dimensions make them useful in oil-water separators, manholes, and roadway spill cleanups.

3) Blankets are the largest Imbiber product available and are suited for larger spills that may occur in fueling areas, loading docks, storage facilities, separation ponds, the open water and more.