Ansell HyFlex 11-801

Features and Benefits

Darker liner is well-suited for slightly oily or dirty environments helping to improve wear life

Our legendary first-to-market foam coating provides more breathability that extends workers’ comfort

Benefits from proprietary washing process that efficiently extracts impurities to deliver a cleaner, more comfortable glove. Independently certified as skin friendly by the Oeko-Tex® testing & certification system

No transfer of silicone contaminants to metal parts prior to painting


Ansell’s best-selling HyFlex 11-801 glove, the original nitrile foam glove, is better than ever

A highly versatile solution for precision assembly, general handling, and automotive applications, this glove provides the perfect balance between comfort, dexterity and protection

Advanced Knitting Technology allows increased stretch and flexibility in high-stress areas: the hand operates more freely, improving comfort and reducing hand fatigue

Recommended for:

  • Picking, fastening components
  • Adjusting systems and screwing
  • Fastening components, parts
  • Loading and unloading trucks and vehicles
  • Handling incoming goods
  • Loading trucks & vehicles
  • Product shipping, transport and delivery
  • Lock smith