Ansell AlphaTec Solvex 37-176
Price RM80.00
Brand Ansell
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  • Minimum Order  RM70.00 : 12 pairs (1 pack)
  • Cotton flocking, reducing sweat for the wearer
  • Fully reusable, with an unequaled abrasion resistance
  • Provides superb comfort for the wearer
  • Reversed lozenge finish further enhancing levels of grip
  • Food approved

High performance nitrile compound ,providing an outstanding combination of chemical resistance and strength for optimal results in wet or dry work environments

The glove offers a far superior snag, puncture and abrasion protection compared with rubber or neoprene gloves

High levels of flexibility, comfort and dexterity Will not swell, weaken or degrade, and does not promote contact dermatitis